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Meet Graham

Based in the Melton Mowbray area of Leicestershire, Graham holds a VTCT Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy, Level 4

Graham started his massage business in 2013, he is passionate about helping people to improve their physical lives through massage therapy

Graham has successfully worked with people suffering from muscular aches and pains including sports people from numerous disciplines and many who are not sporty but have physical life styles

“My approach is to help people to identify what they would like to improve or work on, and to design a massage programme that is specific to them"

“As an active person myself, I know what it is like to want to perform at your best, I also understand that reducing everyday tension and stress can make a big difference to life"

Graham works at sporting events providing pre and post event massage- marathons, triathlons, squash and tennis tournaments and cycling events, so far!

Graham enjoys running, badminton, mountain biking, golf, yoga, gardening and eating the delicious food cooked by his wife


“I went to Graham while practising for the London 100 cycle ride as I was having issues with my legs and back.  After a few sessions these issues were relieved and I was able to enjoy the London 100 completing in in an hour less than expected. I returned to Graham after the event for another session and I had none of the usual aches and pains experienced after such events previously. Graham’s work was excellent and really helped me to prepare for the London 100 cycle.”

Mike, South Leicestershire

“Treatments from Graham have helped me to increase my range of movement and flexibility of my shoulders.  A great result”

Charles of Melton

“Graham treated me for back and shoulder pains after some heavy gardening work, excellent professional treatment”

D from Waltham

Graham’s massages have helped me greatly with my work and training, he is great at identifying where my pains are and how to approach working on them to help me feel 100%.- Stan(Boxer)

I have regular maintenance sports massage from Graham in order to stay in the best shape and injury free for triathlons. I am impressed by his ability to find knots and tightness I didn’t know I had and his ability to treat before these become a hindrance to my sport. He is calm, professional and knowledgeable; I would recommend him to anybody.- Lara (Grantham)

I do a great deal of driving for work and as a result of being “stuck” in the same position I experience stiffness and a number of muscular aches and pains. Thanks to Graham’s sports massage intervention, these have reduced considerably and I continue to reap the benefits with each session.- Jane (Lincolnshire)

I have weekly massages from Graham, it is the highlight of my week. Marina (over 90 years old)

Graham Spencer Sports Massage Therapist (mobile)

Member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) 

Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Vale of Belvoir, Grantham, Lincolnshire