Helping sports people.

• Results can include:

• Relief from stress and tension

• Reduced pain

• Improved movement and joint flexibility

• A reduced the risk of injuries reoccurring

• Injury rehabilitation

• Improved posture

• Extending the good health and life of your athletic career

• Feeling great

Treatment can help you to prepare for events.  By helping to warm up tissues to improve flexibility and joint movement, it can enhance performance and help to prevent injuries.

Carried out after an event it helps detoxify the tissues, increases flexibility, range of movement, nourishing tired sore tissues.  It reduces the time it takes for the tissues to recover, is mentally and physically relaxing.


Helping in everyday life

Treatments can help relieve everyday tension, stress and muscle soreness. It can help you to move with ease, free from restriction and can reduce pain.

By working on your posture, it is possible to realign your body and reduce problems that could lead to longer term issues.   

Results can also include:

• Injury rehabilitation

• Improved posture

• Better flexibility

• Feeling more relaxed

Graham Spencer Sports Massage Therapist (mobile)

Member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) 

Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Vale of Belvoir, Grantham, Lincolnshire